Paint Repair Training

Nearly all the vehicles on the road will at sometime require some for of minor paint repair! At the Midlands Mars Smart Training centre based in Bloxwich / Walsall, we are able to provide a comprehensive, professional hands on approach to learning car paint repair. MMST Paint Repair training course will teach you how to repair damaged bumpers and other cosmetic paint repairs from start to finish. The course is designed to take you from being a complete novice up to being able to do professional paint repairs!

Our paintl repair training courses can be manipulated to address all levels of training requirements, from a complete beginner to an advanced  repair technician who has specific training needs. Please check our CALENDAR for upcoming courses

Damaged Bumper Paint Repair Before Image The Course is run over 3 days where all aspects of SMART (small to medium area repair techniques) will be addressed.  We also run 2 one day add on courses in Plastic Welding and Textured Plastic Repair.

The Course

The Paint repair course are based on real repairs working on actual vehicles. We believe this will benefit you better than learning on a solely classroom based course. Meaning that once you have completed the paint course, you will have completed repairs on an actual vehicles. Exactly as you would expect find once you are out in the field.

To become a competent and effective paint repair technician requires the correct training and knowledge of what products to use. Here at Midlands Mars we have the answers that you will require. Over the years we have tried and tested all the leading repair products on the market. We know what works best for the various types of repair you will come across as a paint repair technician. Therefore we can advise on both tools and consumables. A full list of these will be provided with contact details of where to purchase them from. Bumper Paint Repair After Image

We can work round you as an individual or company to address your training needs. Our training is designed around you, we will listen to you requirements and tailor the course to suit your needs.

On ourpaint training courses, we will show you:

* HOW TO LOCATE THE PAINT CODE: Where to find the paint code on the vehicles and other means of obtaining the code.
* OBTAINING THE FORMULA AND MIXING THE PAINT: We show you how to use the paint software to obtain the correct paint and how the mixing is done.
* ASSESSING THE DAMAGE: How to assess the various jobs you will come across on a daily basis. scratches, scuffs, dents and cracks.
* FILLING: Filling techniques and the various types of filler to use.
* SANDING: The different grades of sanding and the types of sanding used, hand and machine.
* PRIMING: We will show you the types and colours of primers to use.
* CLEANING AND PREPPING: How to clean and prep the repair area for a perfect repair.
* APPLICATION OF BASECOAT: Spray gun set up and how to apply the basecaot, Coverage and blending techniques.
* APPLICATION OF LACQUER: Spray gun set up and the application of the lacquer and fade out.
* PRODUCTS AND TOOLS: We will provide you with a detailed list of products and tools. Over the years we have put together a comprehensive kit to get you started. This is a list of the products and tools from different sources we believe above all to be the beat available.
* FULL ONGOING SUPPORT: Once you training is over we don’t just leave you to get on with it! Any questions you have or problems you run into, we are only a phone call away from helping you out. All our training packages include our full support for as long as you need it. We can’t stress how helpful this is!


Furthermore, if you are an individual wanting start your own business or a company wanting to expand into the smart repair market. We can cater for anyone interested in paint training courses.

So please CONTACT US for prices, dates available and detailed course information.


If you are looking for repair quotes, please visit our other websites www.midlandsmars.co.uk or www.leatherservices.co.uk 

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